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Updated: Jan 16, 2019

How do I know if I have Pre-Diabetes?

The most common blood test for diabetes is the fasting glucose and Hgb A1c. Most people do not know that blood sugar is the last thing to rise in the spectrum of becoming diabetic. Our blood insulin actually spikes first due to the constant intake of high processed carbohydrates and sugars. This may explain why diabetics experience low blood sugars before they were diagnosed with diabetes.

I usually recommend doing a fasting insulin for people who has the following symtoms but yet are not diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes.

- BMI over 25 (or 23 for Asians)

-Central obesity (belly fat)

-Fatigued after meals

-High Triglycerides

-History of diabetes in the family

Another test that helps determine insulin resistance is the HOMA-IR using your fasting glucose and insulin ratio. With a cardiometabolic blood test from Spectracell Lab, you can get all the above and more at a insurance rate price. Please contact our office if you are interested.

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