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If you want to lose weight.. stop dieting!

Most people think the way to long lasting weight loss is eat less, move more. If it does, maybe for 5% of the population. Studies have shown 95% dieters regain their weight in less than a year. Regardless of whether it is the failure of the "dieter" or the "diet", that is very depressing statistics. The truth is our body adjusts. If we keep cutting calories, our body becomes more efficient at using LESS calories. Physiologically and mentally, we need to have even stronger will power to fight the rebound hunger.

The truth is we all overeat from time to time. Even naturally thin people do that. The only difference is non-dieters have a working "thermostat" that adjusts and balance the excess intake for them without their conscious control. For example, after they overate at lunch, they will eat less at dinner naturally. Usually, one can observe that in babies or young kids. They eat when they are hungry and stop when full. So how do we restore that thermostat?

1) Think "gray". There are no black and white food rules. We can have general guidelines and comfortable routines. We are not a good or bad person because of what we ate.

2) Eat regular, balance meals from whole, unprocessed foods as much as possible.

3) Mindful eating: savor your food and slow down eating.

4) Find love and passions in life besides food. Stop getting "high" with foods.

There are a thousand more ways...... can you think of some? This mentality does not happen overnight though. Practice, practice, practice. At times, we need to fake it till we ARE it :)

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